Just saying Hi.

Well hello everyone, I have eventually plucked up the courage to post. I was diagnosed in November with RRMS. After various symptoms and optic neuritis. I am about to start on tecfidera. I enjoy reading all your chats and helpful comments. I don’t usually comment online but you all seem lovely, well don’t want to bore you anymore. T

Hi Tina

We don’t get bored terribly easily.

Welcome to the forum - obviously sorry you’ve had to join us etc, etc, but … Now you’re here and have broken the back of the first post, feel free to join in or start posts on anything that is important to you.


Hi Tina, I’m sorry you’ve joined the group but, you have so…Welcome!! The people on here are helpful, kind & understand. I was diagnosed with RRMS in June 2015 & like you I don’t usually comment online. I am on a waiting list for Tecfidera & have my fingers crossed that it will work for all that try it. X

Welcome to the happy family that are the lovely people on this forum, always been very helpful for me ,ask anything nothing much shocks us .

Take care Katy

Hi Tina,

I was diagnosed with RRMS in September 2015. Have been on the forum for 3-4 months and can honestly say there are so many helpful people here who just let you scream, shout or vent your frustration.

Welcome to the club. Its sad you have MS but we all understand what you are going through. You will never bore us!!