Just had LP, blood taken and VEP

Well the LP was a walk in the park compared to the MRI!! No pain during procedure at all and no headache so far…

Only had to lay flat for half hour. I am drinking plenty and went back to bed when I got home for a couple of hours.

Kids have gone out with their dad to give me some peace.

VEP was weird and made me feel sleepy.

The only part of today’s appointment that caused any pain was when the woman who was doing the VEP was really scrubbing places on my scalp before attaching the electrode thingies. I thought she was going to scrub my skin off! B iatch lol

Hi Glad the LP was ok. Being stuck in a " tumble drier" sucks. You are right about the VEP. I had to have one eye done 3 times cos I Wundt shut up and got told off. Glad you are ok Mike x

Oh I’m so glad all that went so well for you my lovely!!!

You should have jumped on her & given her a chinese burn on her arm!!! Waaa haaa haaa!!! xxxjenxxx

Chinese burn, LOL! Good one!

I had to have each eye done twice. Not sure why, I thought it must be standard procedure. She kept saying “Look at the red square” but it wasn’t a square - it was more like a diamond that kept changing position/roation as the chess board changed.

Mike, when I was in the MRI scanner I kept thinking about soldiers and how they have to sit tight in tiny, enclosed spaces for long periods of time and how on earth did they do it! I was also thinking that I would be no good as a soldier in a war…or in the SAS.

Actually, I would be no good at hide-and-seek even, because I have Tourette’s, and my vocal tics would give me away LOL!!

Eww! Just reminded myself of the horrible chinese head burns my big brother used to do on my scalp!!!

Then that reminded me of when one day he suddenly he asked me if I wanted to play hide and seek!

I was so chuffed because my main aim in life was to ‘hang’ around with him - while his main aim was to totally ignore my existance!

Anyway - I was so excited I jumped at the chance to play with him - I was about 6yrs old - he told me to go and hide in the coat closet that was at the top of the stairs & count to a hundred.

As soon as I was in the cupboard he slammed the door - rocked it over onto the landing - door down - and sent it - with me inside - down the stairs!!!

I was stuck in it until my Dad came home & let me out!!!

Don’t you just love big brothers!!!

No wonder I’m nuts!!!

Waaa haaa haaaaa!!! xxxjenxxx

Haha!! My ex told me a similar story about him and his brother putting their little sister inside the Ali Baba-style laundry basket and sending her down the stairs only it didn’t stop at the bottom, instead it went straight through the frosted glass pane at the side of the front door!

She has never forgiven them. Apparently she got really good at giving rabbit punches though, hehe.

Us girls don’t get scared - we just get tough, eh? :wink:

I’m so pleased for you that the LP wasn’t what you had feared.

Lets hope the results wont be to long and that you will get some answers and treatment, for whatever it is, very very soon.

Mandymoo xx

I kept getting told off and told to concentrate during my VEP.

How on earth are you supposed to do that when you have got ON and cant see the dot however many times they come and point to it!!!

Have you got an appt yet to go through all your results?


Thanks all :slight_smile:

My next neuro appointment is end of next month. I got so confused and thought my neuro appt was BEFORE my LP so phoned to cancel but was told neuro appt is next month, AFTER my LP and VEP. So they phoned me back to make sure I didn’t want to cancel. I had to get my ex to read the hospital letter and mark it on my calendar because I can’t seem to make any sense of letters and dates atm. I am trying not to let that part get me down but it makes me so angry at myself deep down.

Anyway, not going there, I have enough to worry about already without worrying I have dementia or something.

My poor little nan is suffering from dimentia and it’s really tough and saddening as she gets so upset and annoyed with herself. She couldn’t even remember her own name at the chemist recently and is angry at her daughter and son for putting her in a warden-assisted room, in a block of rooms. She wants to go back home but can’t look after herself properly any more and is not safe on her own :frowning: So sad and worrying. Anyway, enough of that.

Today I have a slight headache but no worse than a normal headache and could possibly be due to the weather outside today which is very muggy and close.

Am off to make tuna pasta and pesto sauce for me and the sprogs.

Might eat outside while we can and make the most of it :slight_smile: