Just had diagnosis

Hi everyone,

My sister has just been diagnosed with MS…

I’m not sure how to help or what to say…

Any help would be appreciated

TIA xx


Tell your sister that you love her. Tell her she’s still who she is, MS doesn’t change our personalities. Tell her there are lots of disease modifying drugs (DMDs) to reduce number and severity of relapses. MS will not shorten her life. MS need not completely change her life.

Then tell her you love her again.

And suggest she comes on here. We’re a reasonably nice community, we support each other, inform each other and even entertain each other.


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Hi, I’ve recently told my sister about my diagnosis. As one sister to another I’d say I’m still the same person, but I’ve just been told something that will change some aspects of my world forever, but not me as a person. I still love the same music. My favourite colour has not changed. My dancing is still pants!! I’m still a bad cook!

My point is, life as you both knew it is the same. It’s a different life now but one that can still be happy: Let your sister talk. Make sure you can too & establish your new way forward. You’ll get there. You’ve already posted here, so you know where to look. Encourage her to peak here too. It will help you both. Wishing you both great strength xx

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