Just been diagnosed

MS ? I am a 30 yr old female. Last week out of the blue my right fingers felt “tigh/tingly” For about 2 weeks before I had severe shoulder pain which I assumed was a pinched nerve running down my right shoulder. Last week after feeling the tingling in my right fingers, i felt the same Tightness in my left fingers and then in my right leg and left leg over 3 days. I felt unbalanced, headaches and felt like I was going to fall over walking because I felt weak with less strength in my knees. I still feel this 9 days later maybe a little more stringers in my legs but not so much. When I sit on my knees, I feel like I don’t even have knees I get scared, it feels jiggly/wobbly. When I itch my skin - thieghs, stomach, legs it to me feel like a plastic/rubber feeling and very sensitive. I get bad spasms when I massage my legs but this feels like the only way for me to trigger the feel that I have legs. Sometimes I feel my legs are cold and they are not The emergency room and my doctor said my blood is clear. ( small infection) My doctor said I have an infection in blood and there is swelling above my right buttocks and under my arms. I had an ear infection and swelled glands. I can walk but trying to run I feel uncordinated. I am on flucidine cream, treva cloxaclilln pills and robax muscle relaxer. I have also over the past 3 months had a severe skin rash. My demotologist said it was eczema but my phsyian thinks it could be shingles. I have been out of the country in the past 2 months. 3 weeks ago my demotologist did a biopsy and it came back clear. Other than this I have been healthy. just consistent back pain and pinched nerves Please help me Farah

Hi Farah

Have you had an MRI scan? If you are not getting anywhere with your diagnosis ask your gp for a referal

I hope that helps

Bev x

Me again.

See how many helpful replies you got and a few from Leeds!

Glad to hear this forum is helping you.

A buddy of mine on here, goes for HBOT once a week and swears it helps her. It is at the Leeds MS Therapy centre. maybe you could give it a go. At first you have to go 5 days a week for 3 weeks and then a weekly top up suffices.

luv Pollx


How are you? I am so pleased to have found this and it has been really helpful. Yep the HBOT is at the Leeds Therapy Centre and I have been in touch with Neil for more info…so at least I feel I am doing something rather than moping around the house.

It is good to hear from you again xx

Hi all,

Just been diagnosed with MS (last Monday) and still in shock (although wife and I did suspect it was MS befoer the neurologist confirmed it). After the diagnosis I was given no info re MS nurses, who I should contact or anything so I just went back to work feeling awful and have booked a GP appt. Rizzo mentioned doing the paperwork so that’s a job for tonight and thank you for the info on that.

I guess its usual to feel so mixed up mentally with symptoms coming and going at will? I have found it so upsetting to explain to my children (9 & 7 yr olds).

Not sure why I am posting other than to say “Hi” to everyone and to join the club as it were.

Best wishes to all of you.


This site has a book for younger children to explain what is happening. Also, my 14yr old lad explained it to his younger sister as an electrician using a knife on wires, removing the plastic coating on some parts of the wires. These then get tangled together causing a short circuit. Sometimes the tangle can be sorted out, but each time it happens, it weakens the wire at that place and can take a bit of time for the tangle to be removed.

Thanks for that I will look out for that book. I actually used the electric cable example to my 9 yr old which he understood, and to my parents who I think did!

Thanks again,


Hi Alan

Looks like we are in the same boat as we are both very new to this, I won’t be much help like the other guys on here who are able to point you in the right direction for info etc but if you just need to vent feel free to get in touch as we are probably at the same stage

Good Luck

Bev x

hi alan and welcome although sorry to hear of your dx. can’t add any extra as most have already said it except we’re always here if you want a rant or info, someone will be able to help. wishing you all the best.



Totally agree…since being diagnosed, I have used this forum to vent, get advice and share experiences and I would absolutely credit this forum for keeping me informed…and sane !! Xx

Hello Bev, Sorry for your diagnosis. I was diagnosed last night. It was on the cards to be honest but hearing it from the Neuro was final and frightening. How are you feeling today? Sam x

Hi Sam

I am so sorry to hear that you have heard those words too, I know what you mean about the neuro I thought mine was talking about someone else. I am trying to stay positive, how about you? Stupid question heh?.. Last night…wow you must still be in a daze I know I am and it is nearly a week?

If you need to talk let me know I will be a bit jibberish but we may be able to put the world to rights

Bev x

Hi Bev,

I was diagnosed last summer and I’ll never forget what the Neuro said - “You have inflammation on the brain & spine caused by MS”. Like you, I just stared at him and the rest of the consultation was a blur. That was on the 29th June 2012. I then had a lumbar puncture in July and the diagnosis was confirmed in August. I had a follow up appointment in October with the Neuro which was when I was referred to the MS Nurse to talk about treatment etc. My appointment with the Nurse was early January and I started treatment 2 weeks ago. I had already decided that I was going to try Copaxone as my DMD (after going onto the MS Decisions website, as suggested by Rizzo).

This forum is amazing - you will get some brilliant advice and help from everyone.

Good luck!



Thanks Sarah, I feel like everything is a blur at the minute my head feels full of cotton wool don’t know if it is the MS or the shock. This forum is already proving to be a God send as everyone is so helpful and supportive.

I hope you stay strong and good luck to you too xx

Hi Bev, Sorry to hear about your dx but welcome to our club! I just wanted to say that I fully understand the bit about telling your kids as mine were around the same age when I was diagnosed. The book you are looking for is My Mum Makes the Best Cakes. It is free from the ms society and there is also a version for dads. My kids thought it meant I would suddenly turn into a good cook, sadly that hasn’t happened!! Karen gave me some brilliant advice about being kind to myself and you should listen to her as she’s a very wise lady! I also explained that my brain had a big whoops sticker over it, like in the supermarket which made my body find it difficult to read its bar codes. This I was because my son was obsessed with self service checkouts at the time and hated when I bought anything that was reduced! He was 9 then and it made sense to him. Take your time with who you want to tell things will fall into place. There are many very kind people here. Chis

Hey Leedslass,
It really is a rollercoaster and I know exactly what you mean when you say you just stared at the GP. I was diagnosed in Nov 2010 after 2 relapses and am just experiencing my 3rd and I’m not on any meds.
I hope this helps ease the worry.

Wow MAKS I am shocked I was expecting to start some form of treatment really soon and that just doesn’t seem the case.

I hope you are coping and thank you for getting in touchx

Hey everyone, My name is Jo and I was diagnosed yesterday. I was told I should prepare myself for th worst but didn’t actually think I would have MS. Unfortunatly I don’t really know much about it either, any advice or help would be much appreciated.

Thanks :slight_smile: xx

Hi Jo

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis, it is a shock I have only known a week and I am still in a daze so I know how you are feeling. I know very little as yet as I have just been told to wait so you would probably be better putting your message as a new thread rather than on this as lots more people will see it and be able to give you loads of help

I am still as much in the dark as I was last week so am a bit useless but can help if you need to chat :slight_smile:

Hope that helps

Good luck xx

Aww thank you ever so much, its nice to here there are people willing to give support :slight_smile:

Good luck to you to xxx