I've stopped driving (but got a mobility scooter)

I just wanted to post about stopping driving (sort of like telling people you’ve passed your driving test, but in reverse, so to speak). A couple of weeks ago, to my surprise, when I went out in my car, I found I had to lift my right leg from the brake to the accelerator. Not very likely that I’d be able to do an emergency stop in a hurry! So I decided that driving was not for me - at least until I can get hand controls for the brake and accelerator fitted to the car. Luckily, I live near a town centre and I’ve never liked driving anyway.

On the bright side, I had a TravelScoot (lightweight mobility scooter) delivered last week. Thank you to everyone who posted in response to my request for info on such things. I got in touch with Patrick, who is a great advocate of the TravelScoot, went to where he lives to see his scooter and ordered one soon after. I am still cycling as well, but my walking is so poor now that shopping is difficult when I’ve cycled to the shops…

Glad you have got a scooter, they are wonderful things. Wouldn’t be without mine now I have one. I wish the dvla would let me know if I can drive or not. I then could make any necessary adjustments. Enjoy the scooter Barney

Hi Sewingchick

Can you remind me what the name of Patricks site is please? Thank you. Steve x.

This is Patrick’s site.


I am awaiting my decision for PIP but somehow thing I will be paying for them myself, haven’t thought that far yet just want the decision on license as don’t want to give myself false hope. Barney

I adore my Travelcoot as well. Very practical, lightweight and basically brilliant.