It's not the gorilla..

It’s not always the MS gorilla, I lay awake last night/early this morning. Bolt of lightning, it’s the NHS that has to be fought bullied, I would like to try Fampridine. I would know if it helped, I am only asking for a ‘private prescription’. Hope dashed again, it’s so ££££ing frustrating. ‘They’ don’t care, write the ££££ prescription, first do no harm, how about do something? Sorry about the rant…and just for my chums

Hi hon,

Do no harm? I think now they go on ‘spend less money’. It’s just a big business now. On the road to privatisation!

I look back on the men and women who set up our NHS, at a time when the country was very poor and had huge deficit, and want to cry. They must be turning in their graves.

Rant away M. We all understand.

Hope you’re doing ok darling?

Big for you.

Love Pat xx

Cheers PatI should not hope BUT I can’t help itat least the sun is shining!M

There is nothing wrong with hope M. It keeps us going. Take care, Teresa xx

Rant away m y love, I totally agree. A rant does you some good and you are always understood and forgiven on here.

It makes my mad that they are changing the benefits of people like us. Sorry if I offend anyone but this is how I view it all.

You can come from another country, get all the help and assistance you need. Have you given anything back to this country yet? No.

You can drink, smoke, eat as much as you like. Have major problems because of all these things. Cost the nhs a lot of money to sort them out. But. If you have a problem like ours or something similar, which is not of our choice. Oh, that is a different matter altogether. I better stop before I get started!!

The MS is biting at the moment and making me feel mad! Feel like I am seizing up. Hope it goes before too long.

Take care all.

Oh by the way. On my stumble this morning. I crunched my feet in the snow to make that lovely sound. I did it for all of us who can no longer walk. I hope you all saw my smile of glee. I shared it with you all.