It's been a long 8 months.

Good afternoon! On 5th Nov 2020 I woke up with the most strange sensation in right leg - the full length of it. Like it was on fire from inside out, weird tingling, numb foot and so on. To this day it is the same, I’ve had no respite from this although it has eased off slightly. Walking is difficult, leg feels so heavy and stairs are a chore. MRI brain normal, MRI spine shows inflammation at C7, lumbar puncture showed non specific inflammation also. Been diagnosed with Clinically Isolated Syndrome, but is it normal for this to be ongoing for over 8 months now? I’ve to do repeat MRI in August and see neurologist in October. I’m not taking anything for this, not sure if I can take anything without a diagnosis? Any thought from anyone would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I posted this 11 days ago, and no reply from anybody out there. 70 people have viewed it, but zero responses. It’s enough to put a person off asking any more questions.