ISC, help!

I’ve just been referred to begin self-cathaterising and i’m struggling to get it all to work successfully! Nurse left me with a variety of catheters to try out but the rigid ones are quite painful while the flexible silicone ones are difficult to manouvre into place.

Did anyone else have problems when they first started, and which catheters do people find work best for them?Any tips appreciated!

G x


ISC can be a bit fiddley at first but you will soon get the hang of it if you persevere. I have used lots of differerent types of cathheters over the 4 years I have been using them but the best ones I have recently started using are Lofric Sense as they were suggested by my continence nurse.

Good luck!



It can take a while to find a catheter you feel comfortable with, but you will get there. As well as all different kinds there are different sizes - I found the more rigid ones easier to use in a smaller size. I use speedi cath compact which are very convenient for using out and about.

When I first started using them I thought I would never get the hang of it and it felt such an alien concept but believe me you will get there in the end. Just stay calm and take your time and before you know it, it will become second nature.

Best wishes









I use the softer silicone ones. When I started using them I started with a paeditatric size beacuse I found it a bit painful and difficult but once I got the hang of it I moved up to the adult ones and I think I am using a size 10 (but don’t quote me on that).

I don’t use the pre-lubricated ones as I found them far too slippery but I do use a tiny bit of KY jelly on the tip to make to easier to slide in but don’t use too much or it is uncontrollable :slight_smile:

I found at first I had to use a mirror to get it in. I used a low stool to prop the mirror on between my legs on the floor and sat well back on the loo seat so I was well balanced. Once you have found the right place I found it best to hold the catheter quite clost to the tip and use the fingers of the other hand to part the skin of the urethra opening. Take a slow breath out and glide the cath in… Once the wee starts to dribble out, pause, take a gentle breath in and then just manouvre the cath the last little bit in until you get a good flow.

Take your time. Be prepared with a couple of caths and don’t get flustered of you muck it up a few times. It does take a bit of practice. But before you know it you will be doing it with your eyes shut and wondering what all the fuss was about. :slight_smile:

If you find gripping the cath difficult you can get a nifty little grip device that clips onto the cath and gives you a better hold on it. I used it for a while when my fingers were particularly numb. Your continence nurse will know what I mean if you think it might help.

Best of luck and soon you’ll be peeing for Britain :slight_smile:


When I first was shown how to do the catheter, I thought 'Oh God no, never'!!    Apart from what seemed a very difficult thing to do, as one of your posts (Deb) commented, 'it felt very a very alien concept'.   Anyway as my bladder situation was so critical, I knew I had no choice.  I persevered (I use the Speedcath ones).  Now I can do it no problem and don't need mirrors of anything, like at the beginning (very awkward when not at home).  Its just a case of 'feeling your way' with the catheter.  I also prefer the more rigid one because the more flexible one is difficult it insert, and the Speedcath is ideal bcause they can be carried around quite discreetly and its not obvious what they are.  Stick, with it although you will feel like you will never 'learn'. 

It just happens...  All the best.