Is this a relapse ???

Hey guys. I have been secondary progressive for a few years now & things have just bumbled along getting a little bit worse over time … Nothing unexpected . But I feel like I’m having a relapse now ??? I have been going through a very stressful , emotional time so I’m assuming that’s the cause but it feels like the old days. So tired , dragging my self around pains everywhere , I’ve not left the house in over a week. So could this be a relapse ? I eat really healthy , take supplements , am sleeping / resting as much as I can, got a great support network of family & friends helping me out … I don’t know what else I can do to shake this off. Any ideas & suggestions welcome, Louise x

hi louise

i’ve read that sp can still get relapses.

check that you don’t have an infection.

then contact your ms nurse because there may be something that she/he can offer.

take care

carole x

Hi Carole , thanks for replying . I don’t think I have. I’ve just finished a course of antibiotics ( I’m always getting bladder infections) but have just gone through a major relationship break up. So lots of emotional upheaval & knowing how badly I seem to react to stress ,if relapses still occur in secondary progressive then maybe it is !! Will contact ms nurse tomorrow & seek some advice. Cheers for that honey :slight_smile: x

Hi Louise

I have had a stressful time lately as well. We just moved house on Friday. I haven’t been feeling great all weekend and my left foot keeps tripping me up. ( worse than usual). Just now I am putting it down to the stress and tiredness running up to the move.

By the way I am SPMS too.

hope you are feeling better soon.

Mags xx


You can still have relapses with secondary progressive ms, i am SPMS and still have really nasty relapses,

mine have just got more severe and more often,i used to relapse every 3 to 4 years, when i was RRMS now i have a nasty one every 12 month to 2 years,and it takes me longer to partially recover from them too

i dont know why people think you stop having relapses when you go into SPMS i wish it were true though i would love to stop having them,

i think the new label for secondary progressive ms with relapses is progressive relapsing ms ,i think it just depends on what label certain neuros use. i have never taken any notice of them to be honest,all i know is my ms is progressing and i still have relapses,and i have had it 23 years,and it does what the heck it wants.when it wants.

J x

Hi, I have SPMS & now don’t get relapses as such, just a gradual worsening of the symptoms I already have. As you can see from the other replies, some have relapses with SPMS & some don’t, everyone’s different. My first thought was that maybe you had an infection, might be worth checking again? Sounds as if you’re having a really shi*ty time at the moment, so you could be having a relapse, stress certainly doesn’t help. Take care of yourself & check in with your nurse on Monday, hopefully you’ll get some help.

Good luck

Rosina x

…same here Rosina, it’s in a strange way ‘comforting’ to know that there are other MSers out there who do not really have relapses but a gradual worsening of symptoms, just as seems to be the case with me.

By the way Louise, you have been SP for a few years now…, were you also diagnosed as SP or?..

I was diagnosed (finally as far as I am concerned) at the age of 40. RRMS to start with (although no clear relapses as such), then ‘SP’ a few years later, after persuading the neurologist that I was not aware of ‘attacks’ but experienced a slow but clear regression health wise.

Take care both of you!

Hi All,

Do you not get the feeling that the neurologists don’t really know when it’s RRMS or SPMS and just rely on retrospectively giving it a label. I’ve noticed that sometimes I get labelled at having SPMS and other times progressive MS. I’ve never felt I had relapses and it always felt things just got steadily worse even though the neuro originally called it RRMS. I think your own guess is as good as your neurologists.

Diane X


Ah thanks to all of you for replying. Well I have got another flipping infection ( confirmed today ) . And agree the whole labelling thing … They don’t really know do they ??? So I’ve concluded I’m just gonna get on with it, try & be happy & keep looking after myself as best as I can, thank you for the support guys, it really helps. All the best to all of you, LouLou Xx

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