is this a concrete diagnosis?

Hi Everyone, ive been reading all posts for months since i started getting ill and stupidly googling symptoms,

Since last feb i have gone from busy mum of 4 to being housebound, what started with a work related back pain, these are my symptoms and events to date

Feb- lower back ache, then lower back moving up to crippling rib, between shoulder blade pain, referral by gp to muscoskeletal team,lower back and pelvis Mri, all clear bar 2 'fissures?, back to gp agonising pain now just crushing rib pain, ibuprofen paracetomol and codeine not touching it, months pass still horrendous pain now in ribs upper back arm shoulder neck and fatigue sets in exhausted like flu all time, pain gets unbearable back to gp. amitripline, pregabalin, referral to pain clinic 3month waiting list, then i start collapsing no reason no dizzyness, palpitations, no migraine. not fainting legs just giving way, 2 falls down stairs g.p referral to neuro again 2-3 month waiting list, last week collapse like a tree both legs numb then arms led on floor paralyse lasted approximately 15 mins then went to bed shattered to core. Next day collapsed on stairs, manhandled to sofa agin arms legs and speech affected lasted hour ambulance called all obs were fine no stroke as we thought it might be, that night still feeling ill went to a&e kept in Ct scan, bloods, Mri of brain upper spine, nothing found saw neuro who said we have to run lots of tests to rule stuff out before we can diagnose anything… discharged dr told me ‘as your not loosing consciousness we arent worried’. Have since had app with pain clinic who said a steriod injection in my muscle under ribs might help… but she wants to see what neurologist says appointment end of feb… I am just wondering if this sounds like m.s could it still be that with clear mri? i know there are few things it could be but would value any imput, thanks in advance Mrsf x

added to that hot flushes, freezing feet, headache just on top of head, stabbing eye pain like a knitting needles been driven through it .

Oh dear, poor you with all this going on!

I also wonder if it was stroke related.

I know how hard it NOT to Google I do it myself.

I think it best to wait for your appointment. Yes, it could be MS, but it could be a number of things.

Look after yourself.