Is pain common?

Dear All. Looking for advice?

Newly diagnosed and have had a five day course of steroids (two weeks ago). My pins and needles and numbness in my hands, legs and feet has almost gone but I have been left with dull, horrid pain. It feels as though it is inside my back and abdomen…well all over really? Like flu but worse. It gets worse/stronger as the day goes on, so I live on paracetamol and ibrubrofen.

Does anyone have similar pain and does anyone know what the safest pain killer is, to take every day? Thank you patience x

Patience I like yourself suffer a lot of pins and needles from my knees down to feet in both legs and intolerable stiffness in the lower left side of my back. I am on a medication called gabapentin which is for treatment of neuropathic pain. My GP about 6 months back maintained my back pain may not be all due to MS and sent me to see an arthritis consultant whom after looking at my MRIs concluded I also have arthritis of the spinal column. He did not offer any other medication so I am just trying to manage the pain. Have you found the steriods offered some sort of relief and if so what ones were you prescribed?

As for your remaining dull pain you cannot be on paracetamol and ibuprofen indefinitely. I am thinking of going private to another specialist dealing with back pains as do not want to depend solely on pain medication. You may also consider a similar course of action,


Thank you, I will see my GP to get different pain relief. I was on medrone, I believe. I don’t know if these steroids relieved my pins and needles or whether my MS relapse of symptoms naturally abated. I am so new to this? I have also radically changed my diet, begun exercise, take 10,000 IU of vit D etc.this too,may have helped? Warmest kindness x

Hello Patience

One of the after effects of high dose steroids is painful muscles. I’ve often said it feels like I’ve been kicked all over. So feeling a load of aches and pains is not uncommon after steroids.

Neither is neuropathic pain. Have a look at this article or this fact sheet

There are many drugs that can help with neuropathic pain. Your personal response to a drug may be different to someone else’s even if you seem to have the same type of pain. That’s the trouble with MS. It is no respecter of ‘normality’ or the ‘usual’ response to a drug.


Thank you Sue for the link and advice. It really is a roller coaster. Kindest x