Is nausea a ms symptom?

Have felt headachey and nauseous all day…no dizziness or actual sickness…is this an ms symptom/ sign of relapse or something else?

could it be a side effect of medication?

are you eating regularly?

sometimes adjusting the amount you eat and how often does the job.

little and often is good for me.

also my tecfidera made me nauseous but i stuck with it and 2 weeks later i was back to my normal “could eat a buttered slop stone”!

carole x

Not on medication yet so cant be that. Steroids 4 weeks ago so not them…

maybe an anti-emetic med will help.

ask your GP.

Yes nausea is a part of MS. I get waves of it, all of a sudden, i keep ginger beer to hand which helps. My GP told me it was my MS. I am never sick, just feel it, partly a smidgen of vertigo as well.