Is M.S a neurodegenerative disorder ???

Is M.S a neurodegenerative disorder ???

Hi, karen (Rizzo) is best one to give you a proper answer.

But if I have it right, I think it is, as it deteriorates. But not everyone will experience the same pattern.

Have you been diagnosed yet?

luv Pollx

That’s a tricky question, mainly because the term neurodegenerative is usually applied to things like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Diseases and not MS, and that’s how the NHS is organised.

However, it’s now known that there are two main processes in MS: relapses/inflammation and neurodegeneration. (Inflammation is the main process in RRMS, neurodegeneration is the main process in progression.)

So, I guess the answer is that it depends on who’s asking. Sorry to be so imprecise!

Karen x

I had always believed so, yes.

But I suspect there’s more to your question, as it seems familiar. I’m guessing you’ve found a website, paper, or society for neurodegenerative disorders, but MS isn’t even mentioned - am I right?

I rememember being baffled by this one before! It’s neurological, and it’s degenerative, so personally I would think it’s “neurodegenerative”.

But it seems it is not thus classified for all purposes - perhaps because it’s not strictly caused by degeneration of the nerves, but only secondary to damage to the myelin sheath? It does seem like hair-splitting to me, especially as there’s a growing body of evidence that nerve damage in MS does occur independently of the assaults on myelin! But anyway, for whatever reason, it seems it’s not universally accepted as “neurodegenerative”.


“Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an inflammatory-mediated demyelinating disease of the human central nervous system. The clinical disease course is variable, usually starts with reversible episodes of neurological disability in the third or fourth decade of life, and transforms into a disease of continuous and irreversible neurological decline by the sixth or seventh decade. We review data that support neurodegeneration as the major cause of irreversible neurological disability in MS patients.”

Yes, no and maybe. Like most things ms “they” don’t know.