Is it possible?

Hi, can anyone possibly say that there is a DMD that doesn’t have depression as a side effect? I know about Stem Cell treatment but Im 50 this year so I don’t think I would fit in that category.

I have over the last 12 years tried two different injection types & 2 oral types of DMD’S all of which have put me in a very bad state of mind seriously.

I see my consultant on Monday I will be telling him I have stopped my treatment & why because Im getting so badly depressed I will end up in a place I don’t want to go. I have spoken to medical staff GP & MS nurse each time they upped my medication but where does it end?

I know of the effects if I don’t take DMD’S but I seriously feel unless a new DMD which doesn’t give you depression side effects I’m going drug free.

Any advice most welcome thank you in advance .


Hi, I stopped dmd because of the terrible side affects and the depression it gave me that was 4 half years ago, I do wonder if it was the right thing but feel so much better without them I haven’t had any relapses I still get symptoms everyday but follow a strict diet, I think for me I am better drug free but it isn’t for everyone.

why not try LDN?

you have to pay for it but it isn’t much.

carole x


I too would ask whether you have tried Tecfidera?

I would also risk stating the obvious by reminding you that you do not need to be on a DMD to feel depressed.

You don’t even need to be diagnosed with MS to feel depressed.

It is something of a natural state for many of us!