Is it me..........................

Is it me or is this site sometimes (that’s being kind) verrrrrrry slow!

Everything else I look at on my PC is fine & runs at normal-fast speeds, but this site sometimes behaves like the hamster is on a go slow!

I can sit here waiting for a page to change & find myself dozing off, then giving in!

Wishing you all well.



It is OK for me, as fast as all the others I look at.


Could be the number of people on the site at the same time. I imagine the site is more busy than we think most of the time.

H, I know why…You’re in Scotland,so the pages have to travel up hill to reach you.Spose I’m about midway so I click on the the reload/refresh thingy quite a lot.I only had to start doing this about six weeks ago,so who knows?

S xx

…yes-its YOU! i am further down the hill than you…

happy new year! (its the year of the female serpent-or snake-sssssss)

ellie x

ps ru under the impression that my kettle is broken?! wrong! see you/both soon i hope mad one

Yes Darren that was one of my thought’s.

Stevie boy, aside from being cheeky…would we have you any other way, of course not, your way to old to change now…you are bl**dy cheeky…nothing changes!

Bellsie…you had better batten down the hatches, you know we sneak up on you sometimes & I know where your kettle is

Love you to bits & see you soon.