intermittent fasting and tecfidera

so i do intermittent fasting, approx. 20/4 to 21/3. for those that dont know, that means within a 24 hour window, i dont eat anything in 20/21 hours, and all the food i eat in a day i eat in those other 3/4 hours.

my eating windows is in the evening from 6pm to 9pm or 9.30 latest. i take tecfidera at 9 mornings and evenings.

so by the time i take the morning one, i’m fasting for around 12 hours. does tecfidera has an influence on the fast? i couldnt find good information about tecfideras nutrition. does it have anything that can break my fast?

Hi To be honest I haven’t a clue about that, I’d call Biogen and speak to them. They’re the ones that make the drug so should be able to answer your question. Dan