Injecting Avonex

I have had MS for 8 years I am now 49. I have had great health in fairness with no relapses at all.

I was on copaxone for 7 years and I found it great. No issues at all.

Took me off that as my injection sites had collapsed. They put me on weekly Avonex.

Now 4 months in my legs - well one of them feels heavy and at times they both feel weak. I fell down the stairs or whilst going up it the other day but that was more than likely down to me.

I have to think about communicating to my legs to make sure they know exactly what they should be doing.

As I am fit and in good health and not overweight etc is this down to Avonex or MS?

My ms nurse hasn’t got a clue - just says “oh ok not sure, not sure?”. We haven’t much info of Avonex as we’ve only started using it here.

As I am looking for a new job that doesn’t help me at all I’m afraid.

Thank you.