Inhibition of Microglia protects Axons

I think this falls into the “promising” category. Multiple Sclerosis Research: Inhibition of Microglia protects Axons

Couldn’t get through it all Whammel… was struck down by brain death… but does seem promising!

Pat x

I agree, it’s not exactly easy reading and I don’t claim to understand it all, but the neuroprotective angle must be good news for PPMSers. Hopefully, it won’t take too long to set up a trial.

Hi Whammel… there’s so much research going on into progressive ms that new treatments have to be on horizon!

Just read this one… falls into the 'We are not mice!’ category:

Personally I’ve rarely considered myself socially isolated. And I can’t help feeling sorry for the poor mice.

Pat x

I find it difficult to feel sorry for mice, because they are always getting cured of mouse type MS. Mind you, we do give it to them in the first place, so perhaps I should reconsider.

Time for me to pop out and get some much needed social interaction.

Me too Whammel. If I stay this isolated I might get mouse MS…

Pat x