Infusion advice please

Hi All,

I will be having my first infusion soon of Ocrevus and ive been told about the before and during treatment but I am looking for any personal stories about the after bit. I wondered how people felt after their infusions, did you recover well or did it take some time? Did you have any side effects? Just trying to pre empt any possible problems and get a plan of action in place.

Thank you, Helen

Hello Helen

You could try looking at The Shift forum has a lot of people taking the newer DMDs and you can search for Ocrevus - there are many users.

I think because it’s quite a new drug, it’s rarer for users of the MSS forum to be using it. (Obviously, there are some people on here, someone who’s taking it is likely to answer now and prove me utterly wrong!)

Best of luck. It would be good if you’d tell us of your experience after your infusion if you would.


Hi Sue,

Thank you for pointing me in the direction of Shift MS and thank you for your wishes.

I will certainly post my experiences once I have had the treatment as it may help someone out there :slight_smile:

Thank you again, Helen