info on Brain lesion??

Hi all,

My MRI showed a brain lesion which was explained as fuzzy so not a cancer or tuma which is solid, but as some sort of infection/inlamation, the LP showed 5 white cells, 92 red cells, protein 0.47 and glucose 3, white cells are all lympocyes and again could be consistant with imflamation. Oligocolnal bands were possitive with fewer bands in the serum than in CSF. ESR 4 and CRP less than .1 B12 normal, electrphoresis normal and ANA negative.

I now have an EEG VER booked,

Do all people diagnosed with MS have brain lesions as I have seen this mentioned a lot and can anyone explain what the above means in plain not english?

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Hi Tom Brain or spinal lesions are areas inflammation due to stripping damage of scarring of the nerves . I had 5 on my brain MRI so that along with a lot of blood work other tests minus a LP and clinical symptoms got me my DX 2 years ago. Some people with MS do not show them straight away but they will come in time. I can not say I have ever heard of anyone with a positive Dx of ms that does either show lesions or a positive LP . Hope this helps . Sarah x

Hi Tom

I can help a little here.

ESR & CRP are inflammatory markers (i.e if raised can be a sign that your body is fighting off something arthritis or something like that). Yours look fine there :slight_smile:

ANA is to look for automine rhuematoid artheritis, lupus, sjogrens etc which can sometimes give rise to some symptoms similar to MS - but as you said this is negative.

The LP: for it to indicate MS there needs to be more than 2 oligoclonal bands in the CSF and this is the bit I’m not sure about - either no or little in the blood serum. Maybe someone can clarify!

Lastly the MRI: Karen is our resident expert but I know she’s not around at the mo. There are certain types and sites for MS lesions to occur in particular so it depends as to where the lesion is as to whether this is MS. eg I had sub-cortical lesions which weren’t in an area necessarily typical of MS (though it still doesn’t rule MS out). Not all MS patients have lesions there is a small number of patients with MS that have no lesions on MRI (I think it’s relatively small 5% or something). There are some that may not have lesions initially and also the number & location of lesions doesn’t always equate to symptoms. So eg my neuro thought I’d had an epsidoe of spinal inflammation Oct 2011 but my spinal MRI was normal and thats because the spine is notariously difficult to MRI anyway also.

Hope that makes sense :slight_smile:



Ps. I missed out the word "not " I haven’t heard of anyone that does not either have " sorry I blame it on my brain fog !! Lol x

I don’t have any lesions in my brain according to my MRI. I do have them in my spine and failed my VEP which supported previous episode of Optic Neuritis. I was diagnosed in June of this year, thought I was in the clear after brain MRI but wasn’t! Carolyne.

Thanks guys, I seem to be relapsing a week in hospital In a wheelchair then I could walk but slowly, then I was ok and no its back and getting worse.

Can they get rid of the lesion or do they stay, she said she didnt want to give me steriods as that can do more harm then good.

I suppose its down the the VER EEG.

Today is the first day I actual feel scared, well I was scared in hospital but I am a possitive person normaly.

It dont matter what will be will be

Thank you all soooooo much x