In the process of being diagnosed

I am in the process of been diagnosed.

I have had positive LP results and an MRI showing multiple brain lesions. I have been told they suspect RRMS but for definite diagnosis I am going to have VEP AND SSEP tests.

I can’t help but feel impatient like I just want to know.

How accurate are these tests does this confirm or rule out the diagnosis. Could I end up back at the beginning trying to figure out what is wrong with me

any advise would be great


To be honest, if you’ve had a positive LP and several lesions in the parts of your brain and spinal cord that indicate MS, it could be that your hospital are just dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s with the evoked potentials tests. Not everyone has their EPs tested, and those who do often just have the visual evoked potentials test.

I very much doubt that the tests will put you right back at the beginning of diagnosis. But what they should do is make a diagnosis absolutely definitive.

I don’t know precisely what could happen if the EPs are negative. But in your shoes, I’d be expecting an MS diagnosis and for the EPs to confirm this.

If you have access to an MS nurse you could ask … but chances are you don’t as you don’t have a diagnosis.


This doc has a lot of facts in it Diagnosing Multiple Sclerosis