In limbo re: diagnosis

Hi guys i am new to this site! Seems great here. I need some advice regarding my situation.


It all started a month ago...I started experiencing an abnormal sensation in both my legs. Was passed from specialist to specialist including Osteopath,GP,Neurosurgeon, neurologist etc. I have had 3 MRI scans, blood tests, nerve conduction tests. My MRI showed inflammation in my spine, neck and brain. He said that this does not mean that I have MS for sure but i should maybe have another scan in 6 months.


My symptoms now are I STILL have the abnormal sensation in my legs, and base of my back. I have several patches of actual pain including my left knee (old injury), neck and my right hip. Those are literally the only symptoms i have. Does this sound like it could be MS? He said that it would be unfair for him to say yes as this has never happened before. He thinks it might be a virus that has affected my nervous system.


I would love to hear what you guys think! Please help!!


Rebecca xx



Hi Rebecca, and welcome to the site happy2


Your symptoms might be consistent with MS, but that doesn't actually mean that it is MS. The problem is that MS can cause almost any neurological condition and there is no definitive test for it - the inflammation in your nervous system could be caused by quite a large number of conditions (including an infection or virus). 


Even if the inflammation is due to an MS-like attack, the fact that you have had only one of these means that the most the neuro could diagnose you with is "probable MS". This is because to get a full diagnosis of MS, you need to have multiple lesions (signs of inflammation) in different parts of the nervous system AND at least two attacks. 


If you don't want to wait and see, you could offer to have a lumbar puncture. This is not a definitive test for MS either, but about 90% of people with MS have a positive LP. If your LP was positive, then you would know that it wasn't a virus and that another attack would mean that it was MS. The downside is that because about 10% of MSers don't have a positive LP, having a negative result would still leave room for doubt. 


Whether or not the cause of your symptoms is MS, chances are good that your current symptoms will ease off. Here's hoping!


One thing... I'm a bit uncomfortable with the neuro saying that maybe you should have another scan in 6 months to be sure of MS or virus - it doesn't sound like he is terribly familiar with MS. Perhaps you should consider asking for a second opinion from an MS specialist?


Karen x