In a sentence. What has been your progression?

In one sentence can you describe diagnosis date/year, Mobility etc then and Mobility etc now.

diagnosis confirmed 2022 - drop-foot and numbness in right leg, slight limp. 2023 - drop-foot in right, numbness in both lower legs and feet, walking less than 20 meters unaided.

Ok, maybe not a sentence, maybe a short paragraph :smiley:

x2 bouts of ON in late 2017 early 2018. Diagnosed 2018. Nothing since. No problems with mobility, fatigue, anything in fact. MRIs etc all clear since 2018.

Diagnosis: 2004. Mobility then: walking unaided. Mobility now: walking with at least one stick, sometimes with rollator. Spasticity in both calves. No MRI since 2001.

Diagnosis MS 1990.
ON x2, balance /falls, walking into walls, double vision, right limbs weakness, cognitive problems- using word opposites, forgetting correct wîrds problems maintaining conversations/recall.
Have other neuropathy and autoimmune diagnosies

Diagnosed PPMS March 2006. Dropped foot but still able to walk a reasonable distance at a reasonable speed. Now unable to raise either leg from the hip, unable to walk. I can weight bear to transfer but often need help to get to my feet. Lost fine motor skills, can’t use cutlery, do buttons, hooks and eyes etc.

ON in November 2020. Both hands went numb for about 9 months in 2022 but fully recovered in early 2023. Now: stable MRI, no new lesions, no flare-ups or new symptoms. Normal mobility and ability. Not on DMT yet but starting soon, as only diagnosed with RRMS 1 month ago.

23 years of highly active RRMS, a short paragraph isn’t going to do the job, I’m afraid. :laughing: But never mind. We went for a little walk in the Beech woods this gorgeous morning and it’s good to be alive. Will that do?