Important reading for everyone especially people in limbo

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On the MSS homepage there are two articles about neurology standards of care.

The first dated 16 March encourages us to write to our MPs about PAC recommendations.

The second dated 20 March announces neurology standards of care are to rise in England. The actual House of Commons transcript sheds a great deal of light on why there is such a rigid, unhelpful attitude toward people with neurological conditions, both diagnosed and undiagnosed.

This Commons document is worth looking at and I hope the prevailing attitude of the neurologist who was offering opinions about standards of care will prompt all of us to continue to write to MP’s highlighting our frustration at a system with little in place for limbolanders and even less support.

If such headway can be made in such a short time perhaps it is in limbolanders best interest to keep the ball rolling by writing to MP’s. We have the right to receive DIAGNOSES AND FOLLOW UP CARE EXPEDIENTLY (and nicely and respectfully would also be nice)

As the PAC recommendations are noted twice on the MSS homepage I see no reason why the link to the original Commons proceedings cannot be posted as it is insightful reading:

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