IMF Therapy

Has anyone tried this type of treatment?

I have a friend who damaged the neves in his arm/hand after an accident, who had similar electonic waves sent though the damaged nerves. After 4 month, his arm & hand are 80% better. I know its different to the nerve damage in MS but it seems logical to send electric waves through the nerves, after all… isnt that what the brain messages are?

Worth a try. Anyone had any experiences of this?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello Dave. I think anything within reason is worth enquiring about or having a go at. As far as MS is concerned, I am under the impression that it is at the source of the signal where are intended movement cannot be relayed. However, even as I’m writing this I’m thinking about it! The beauty of the forum is that all manner of tratment experiences can be shared. Best of luck. I last went to Rhyl in 1986. We’d intended to have a day in the mountains but the weather was gross so we went on the funfair. Being the first bank holiday in May, the sea front was heaving with scousers dressed in their new season holiday clothes. (Primark specials) Quite eye opening!

Hi Steve, im afraid Rhyl has gone down hill since then and is now under an ‘apparent’ re-generation. The fairs been knocked down, theres nothing left on the seafront for any tourists to do and i dont think Rhyl has been heaving since the day you mentioned in 1986 :frowning:

The Primark Special brigade are still here though, and im starting to think its them that need the electric shock treatment and not us :slight_smile:

Hello again Dave, I know what you mean. Coming from wallasey I witnessed the deliberate degeneration of New Brighton. It’s still happening in Seacombe now! Best wishes.