I'm sorry if I have upset anyone

I apologise if i have upset anyone with my previous post saying i will be leaving it a few weeks before having blood tests done. I know how hard it is to get a good doctor who will listen, and i know there are still many people trying to find one, and im very lucky to have found one. i did not mean any offence.

Please do not leave we all need a little support and a listening ear even if we do not have MS or undiagnosed.

You have NOT caused any offence to me.


nor me! we have to make decisions for ourselves. don’t go x

No offence… you were just being honest.

Pat x

ok I’ll hang around, just felt maybe i shouldn’t have said it. x

When under stress we often feel we have done something wrong or upset others when in fact its just our stress levels and other worrys that are making us feel this way.

Hi Jules, my personal opinion is that nobody was offended by your post about the bloods.

All the posters who replied to your post were concerned that you may be delaying things for yourself and offered you advice on not to delay things. If you have these tests done and they are normal then it opens up a potential doorway for a referral to a neurologist.

Good luck and take care.

No no don’t go I love reading your posts. Also yet to find out your favourite musicals - mine - les mis and Blood Brothers Hugs Min xx

Hi Jules

certianly not upset. Everone has different thresholds of tolerance and endurance - for some people a blood test is quiet a big thing, others the MRI machine, for me I get nervous about my neuro visits because I don’t like him.

Certianly delaying bloods is not a good thing which is why everyone encouraged you to go asap - I think everyone meant it in we care for you and we understand how hard this diagnostic journey is so take this opportunity sort of thing.

We all sometimes need a push to face our fears if we’d all said greeat and nothing more you perhaps wouldn’t have been urged on to look up the blood tests or get it moving sooner. So our hearts were in the right place even though it may not have come out that way - I’m sure no one is mad at you.



Hi Jules

Please do not worry about upsetting anyone by telling it like it is.

I went through a period where I was having blood samples taken every month, or less (yes, that’s right, just has a heart bypass done), and I found that the only way to get through it was to look away and keep talking.
There was one (junior) nurse at my GP Surgery who made a mess of it and left a big bruise (and the next nurse went ballistic and it became an “internal procedural matter”).
There was another who was (and still is) very good, smooth, painless.
There is the best one of all (hardly even notice) who just happens to have MS herself.

Every nurse is different - and some have more experience than others.
Telling them “I don’t like needles” will make them aware that they need to approach you with a little extra care.
One, at a private hospital, replied “Don’t worry, you wont feel very much”, and she was right, and I said so, and she told me that she had been doing it for 25 years.

I know someone who is just not bothered by a blood test, but needs tranquilisers before an MRI (too claustrophobic for her).
I do not like the thought of the needle going in, but I find an MRI relaxing.

We are just like the nurses who take the sample - all different. So just stay being you.


You’ve not offended me either Jules

Having the blood tests done will ultimately help you in some way, but you need to do what’s right for you.


Debbie xx

thanks guys, i will get them done before the month is out, something is just taking a long time to process in my mind… possibly the fact of being taken seriously is more of a shock than i thought, today i am just very scared…