I'm new and need advice please

Hello everyone! I’ve finally plucked up the courage to register and create a thread. My apologies for giving you my whole health history but I’ve never been unwell and these last 12 months have been really difficult. I didn’t even know most of the GPs names at my surgery!

I think writing it all down will help me. I’ve had MS like symptoms for almost a year now but did nothing about it because I was coping ok. My symptoms were mild and short lived. I always managed to think of something to explain my symptoms, time of the month, a difficult day at work, a cold etc. I then became unwell in July 2012 with a different medical condition that resulted in me being really poorly. I managed to continue to work full time until December but a severe infection resulted in me being hospitalised over Christmas (that was a bummer - I love Christmas). In January, I developed a DVT in my left leg (really painful) and from February onwards my MS like symptoms became worse and more frequent. I discussed my symptoms with a GP and she tested me for a stroke told me I was fine and was only interested in discussing my DVT and pending surgery. I had the surgery in March, so far so good. By then I could no longer ignore the MS like symptoms so went back and saw a different GP I knew well. He was great, ran blood tests immediately, and when they came back negative he referred me to a Neurologist.I’m now in “no man’s land” waiting for a Neurologist appointment. My symptoms are becoming more severe, especially the tingling and aching in my arms and legs, on two occasions I’ve had a sharp pain down the right side of my face and today I struggled to walk in straight line, I was leaning to the left. Should I go back to my GP or just wait for the Neurologist appointment? Everyones advice will be greatly appreciated, Avril x