I'm becoming a scaredy cat

So let’s kick the butt of MS … Just try a tiny challenge, when you prevail bank the victory, if we fail, learn from it and then modify the choice of challenge. Eventually we will all have our own mental bragging rights.

Good luck


I am not trying to make it sound easy, we all know how tough things can be.

My challenge was to butter a slice of bread without throwing it across the kitchen… (victory is mine)

The next challenge might be to do it without swearing like a convict


Ha ha, my swearing at inanimate objects or useless body parts has increased significantly. I made a cup of tea and didn’t spill any getting it to seat. Go me xx


a victory is a victory no matter the size or style of the challenge. Carrying cups of coffee or tea usually results in loads on the floor and not much in the cup, so I will stick with the tray and rollator. (slightly less messy but only slightly)

I’ve been told off by my lovely husband for swearing too much this week. I live the phrase ‘swearing like a convict’. Think I’ll adopt it if you don’t mind Mick.


I meant I like the phrase, but maybe I shall live it!!

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LoL, I know that feeling!

When out and about, can probably at times be overheard by strangers, having muttered argument with own leg.

“Look, stop mucking about! Just bloody do it, OK?”


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Nice one Sue, my wife would like me to stop swearing like a convict / trooper and as for talking to bits of my body that no longer work properly, this happens all the time and I do get some funny looks… Oh well

Tina, I regularly threaten bits of my body with a chainsaw but then I hear them sniggering back at me that, “you do not have enough working bits to handle a chainsaw” It must be like dealing with naughty children. mutter mutter mutter

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