Ill health retirement advice

So consultant thinks I Have now progressed into Spms and really struggling to go into work. Currently do 30 hours a week one day a week from home but it’s getting harder, now my question is do I suggest to my works to put me forward for Ill health retirement and risk it not being awarded but being fair to work by pre warning them or go off sick (6months with pay 6months half ) and let them suggest it,still risking not being awarded but more chance as been off sick or claim my pension (can get it from 55) and return to work part time for say 15hrs as not sure if completely not working would do me any good mentally I am 59 , I know with full Ill health you can’t work any more
Thanks for any suggestions

First of all, are you in a defined benefit (often referred to as a final salary) or defined contribution (money purchase) pension scheme? Retiring early or going part time from a final salary scheme can have a big effect on the money you will receive, so get some specialist advice. Also, talk to HR and Occupational Health people at work who can assess your capabilities and recommend alterations to your role, environment, be it accommodation, ergonomics, breaks, hours worked and whether more home-based work could be undertaken. They’ll also look at retirement options if they regard you as no longer fit to work.

Hi, no dont suggest retirement on ill health yourself. Best thing is to go sick long term and they will offer it to you, after they send you to see their doctor…if he deems you too ill to continue your current duties.

I did this. This were no vacancies to suit me so I took IHR.


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Are you already in touch with your employer’s Occupational Health advisor? They tend to be the gate-keepers for IHR recommendations. If so, it might be worth a word because they have a duty of care to you as well as to your employer and can be very helpful. It can be in everyone’s interests to mutually agree that everyone has done their best and the reasonable adjustments have been made but we’re now running out of road and it’s time to call it a day. A quiet and prompt departure (if that’s what you want, of course) spares your employer the agg and uncertainty and cost of will he/won’t he over a long spell of sickness absence and lets everyone move on. It potentially deprives you of the 6 months’ full sick pay, of course, but if you’re ready to call it a day and get on with your life, that might still be a good decision for you. If that’s what you want, there’s no harm in asking.

You need to go off sick first. Why would they award it if you’re still managing to work, albeit with difficulty? Ill health retirement is often awarded at the higher tier if you aren’t able to work in any job again. Think of yourself and take advantage of the sick scheme. It will give you a breather and let you think about what you want to do.

Another thing, I would add to the good advice here - is if you have got a pension settlement figure, get some advice from a financial advisor as well - to be fair employers usually want to keep us in employment, however with MS they should look favourably on your future decisions

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