if you were a Mr Man.......

…which one would you be today? This follows on from a convo i had with my brother who said he was mr grumpy!

today i am mr happy

ellie x

Today l would be Mr Grumpy, Maybe as I have fallen three times, and that’s without a drink. X

Is there such a thing as Mr Sozzled? Ive been to 2 pubs and had a wow of a time.

Hope everyone else’s Saturday has been fab. the weather helps doesnt it.



mr bump

Mr Dizzy

Mr Wobbly

Well just to be different I`ll be Little Miss Wobbly.

luv Pollx

Mr Boombastic…and today definitely …Mr Roooomantic.

It’s a good day


Mr Trump

hi all

thanks for replies-i have enjoyed reading them.

today i am mr lazy.

ellie x