I may be getting this wrong..

but are the neuros getting more reluctant to prescribe DMD’s?

There have been a number of posts from people who seem to have RRMS and yet they’re not being prescribed any DMD’s

i have noticed that too.

and previously it was always about the new policy to hit MS early and hit it hard.

And there seems to be an increasing diagnosis of CIS. Again with no recommendation to take a DMD. In spite of some being available for CIS.


At one time DMDs were only prescribed for people who’d had two clinically significant relapses in two years. So you only got them if they thought that you needed them. Then they switched to giving them as soon as possible. Now it sounds like some neurologists have gone back to the old ways.

There is another aspect to this, though. Unless things have changed recently, only certain neurologists are able to prescribe DMDs. If you’re seen by one who doesn’t have clearance to prescribe, you should be referred to one who can. If you feel that you should be taking DMDs, ask your neurologist if there’s a good reason why you shouldn’t be on them. Push for a clear answer. Check the side effects first, though, and make sure that you’re willing to take the risks.

Yes, I would appear to fall in this category. The neuro doesn’t wish to prescribe DMD. I don’t really understand why as my understanding of the guidelines I would appear to meet the criteria. My appointment with the neuro following diagnosis last year is in a couple of months so will quiz him then. I appreciate there are side effects to all drugs, but in view copoxone appears to be relatively well tolerated and lower risk unless I am missing something. Went to the relapse clinic couple of months ago as I felt I was having new symptoms, but they said it was probably old symptoms - which didn’t make sense to me as I hadn’t had the the symptoms I was experiencing at the time before. They suggested another mri in sixth months so we shall see what that reveals. Hopefully everything will be ok.

Definitely a reluctance to offer DMD’s, 100% agree !

A relapse doesn’t have to be new symptoms. It can be old symptoms, as long as they appear more than two weeks after the last occurrence.

I’d talk to your MS nurse, if you have one.

There’s a thread with the title “Government to stop funding DMTs” or words to that effect. Someone has posted a link to the consultation document. The document gives the criteria for prescribing DMTs. It looks like neurologists are expected to only prescribe them if the patient has had two clinically significant relapses in two years. This may explain the seeming reluctance to prescribe sooner.