I have MS symptoms

Hi recently i have been experiencing symptoms of MS.

My mum and both her aunties have MS and I am concerned I will develop it too, especially with my ever growing symptoms. I’m only a teenager. Do you think the likely hood of me developing it is higher because I have three closely related family members who have developed it?

hi dolly

the medics will say that it is not hereditary but there are a lot of people who say different.

however i know that stress makes symptoms worse so avoid stress!

IF you have ms, all the fretting in the world will do no good at all.

until a neurologist diagnoses you, consider yourself free of ms.

go out and act your age!

have fun, go to gigs, do teenage stuff.

there are lots of people feeling anxious about their health because family members have cancer, ms, whatever disease.

you are not the only one but you are young so please don’t let this take over your life.

carole x

Wise words, Carole.

Dolly; because your Mum and aunts have MS means that you’re bound to see every twinge and twitch in that light. Please don’t diagnose yourself.

Best wishes,


Plus Dolly, diagnosis at such a young age is incredibly rare.

Try to put it out of your mind and start having some fun.

And if you can’t put it out of your mind, a) start writing a diary to keep a record of how you feel (physically), and/or b) see your GP and explain what you’ve been experiencing.