I feel like someone's giving me a chinese burn on my arm!

It’s ever such an odd feeling!

On a different note. I forwarded my neuro results summary letter to my boss who wants to pay for me to have a second opinion! I haven’t actually had a first opinion yet but wouldn’t have thought there was much point in questioning the diagnosis as I too think I have MS? x

Ice packs or heat pads might help the arm. (Both are worth investing in if you haven’t got any!)

Have you asked why they want the second opinion? And what the rush is? My company paid for a second opinion too, but that was because they wanted to tick various boxes on my ill health retirement forms.


Thank you for the tip re the ice pack/heat pads, I suppose I will need to get used to these symptoms.

For my boss he’s just being kind, he wants to pay himself and is ever the optamist. He’s been everso supportive and definitely wins top marks in that respect.

Out of interest Karen, did your company suggest you retire or did you have to request it? x

I can’t honestly remember! I think I probably told the OH doctor that I couldn’t cope any more and she suggested ill health retirement.