well had a talk to myself and told myself to get the ESA forms filled in,so for 5 hours from 9am this morning i filled it in,when i looked i hadnt used capitals, so went online and downloaded a form to fill in online which took me ages to do only to find my printer had packed in and couldnt print it off, and guess what my laptop wouldnt save the form,so after a lot of tears i av decided to send the form in thats not in capitals, i suppose they will say that its not acceptable,and to top it all off my lovely daughter deciides to come and cause her usual trouble,too much to tell you about but things are bad,i havehad it i really have.

the esa forms themselves were enough of an hassle,oh well just another day in my lovely life,i must have been a bad so and so in my past life, wish i could go out and get drunk lol,cant even get out of b****y bed.

J x

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I’m so sorry Mrs J, I really feel for you…all that hard work, and the emotional toll those forms take, i bet you felt like throwing the computer out of the window. I really don’t think it will matter about the capitals, the main thing is that they get the information, We did the Esa for Rosanna older daughter 24 with Autism. Lee filled most of it in , at the time she was at a special needs residential college, but they had insisted on her coming to do the interview and even sent her a bus time table…she’s so many problems that she couldn’t begin to get a bus she needs 24 hour care staff she is alot more affected than Molly… Lee ended up taking her for the interview and he refused to answer any of their questions, he just told them to ask Rosanna,… it was sad but when they saw her it was so obvious…i sometimes wonder who runs these places. When it came back again for renewal I just filled in the paper copy, i was so frustated I must have repeated myself so many times, and I’m sure my spelling wasn’t great, but because i was so cross that they’d but her through the inteview last time so wasn’t holding back, anyway they didn’t ask her for an interview again.

Try not to worry I know its hard, I’m sure it will be okay… I hate any kind of form or assessment, my brain just struggles to process anything.

Michelle x

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If your not happy with the form ask for another and get Citizens Advice to fill it in for you, they did mine and are very good. I don’t know what to say about your daughter sometimes we could cheerfully throttle them, then occasionally they will do something good and all is forgiven. Bad times seem to come in cycles, things will turn round for you soon mrsJ.

I wish you well and send virtual hugs.

Jan x

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Thanks Michelle and Jan, it just keeps on getting worse,i am going to send the forms as they are cos i cant face another form filling session,so they will just have to take these, im sure they will send me more out if they are not acceptable,

i also dont have any written proof that i have ms only appt letters for ms nurse which they say they dont want,so i suppose that will go against me, i really dont care if i get the money or not, i have been lucky enough to have had it all these years,when i had a life,i dont have one now,so i dont need it as much as i did.

i have my private pension so thats good i will manage on that.

i would love to tell em to stick there b***y money.

my main worry just now is my grandaughter. the money side of thhings isnt as important as she is,and i am so very worried about her.i could just do without the stress of these forms when i feel upset and stressed out .

​J x

MrsJ Just ask your GP for a letter stating you have MS. l did this when l needed to get a private script for LDN. l do not have a MS Nurse - l live on the boundary of worcs/warks. Worcs - say l should go to the Warks one. And she is nearly 40 miles away.

When my GP asked if they did home visits - he was told as l have PPMS - there was nothing she could do for me! My doctor said that after 33yrs of having MS - l would know more about it then any neuro/nurse.

Don’t struggle with these forms - contact/join they will show you exactly how to fill the forms in and what to say. Takes all the stress and worry away.

Hope you have made some new ground laws re your daughter.

Try and be strong. Says me - whose daughter rang her at 1am this morning saying that she and her friends were having difficulty in getting a taxi back from Stratford. ‘‘Are you asleep Mum?’’ - not now l am not - ‘‘Can you come and fetch us’’ - well l had taken a sleeping pill - so l had to say NO!. Then l felt guilty - and found it hard to sleep afterwards. She rang again this morning asking me to take her to fetch her car. They waited an hour and a half for a taxi - apparently. She had a lovely time - it was the Stratford River Festival.

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Hi Mrs J, I agree with Spacejacket… ask GP for a letter.

Don’t worry about it not being in capitals. I don’t remember reading that on mine and not sure that I did it in capitals. I think they put that so that they can read the handwriting and providing it is readable it will be ok.

Pat xx

i am not speaking to my daughter,told her i dont want her coming and i mean it,shes overstepped the mark,some things cant be forgiven,i am just worried about my grandaughter,but theres nothing i can do,so i have to take a step back,it breaks my heart as i wont get to see her,but i am not been treat like this anymore.

i will ask my gp for a letter,but if they are going to charge me they can forget it.last time i got a letter for holiday insurance claim they charged me £40.

J x

Pat, i wouldnt say my handwriting is very readable these days, its not good at all,oh well the forms are going off soon,i dont care anymore lol.

J xx

Well it seems the only way to qualify for esa is to be an alcoholic,a drug’ead or both,I was diagnosed with ppms back in September 2017 and have been told I have to work,oh and I was found jc virus positive as well, so besides extreme difficulty in getting about, I also suffer from short term memory loss and too top it all off,I was found to have austeo arthritis after being diagnosed at 13 years old.( because I can sit for longer than 10 minutes,move my hands up n down and use a computer, I’m not disabled ???)

Hey, why don’t you start your own thread so people don’t overlook this. You’ve replied to a post from 2015 so people won’t necessarily see this.

Start a thread and maybe others will be able to help. I certainly had to jump thru some hoops over PIP claim so have yo requested a mandatory reconsideration etc. yet?

Sonia x