ATOS Re assessment for ESA

Just had my lovely re-assessement form for ESA I have been on it for just over 3 years. It took me quite some time to fill in due to my wretched tremors. My writing is so appalling I pity the person assessing the form!! It also has very badly worded questions which I think lead you into answering with oh you do not need any help!! One asked if I was baically blind but nowhere to write about being frightened to go out due to probability of falls!! So I wrote in that space that whilst I can see fine with my glasses on I am far too nervous to go out alone especially in weather like this!! Hope it goes OK with the re assessment, I have applied for another job but didn’t even get an interview with the last one I applied for!!

Hope you are all as well as …

Hi Bubbly Jubbly, good luck with it hon. It is so terrible that we are being put through this.

I’m still on the old incapacity benefit but every day I dread the ESA forms coming. I actually feel a relief on Sunday morning that there is no post!

Hope it goes well for you… and if not, come back on here for advice!

Pat x

i got a letter asking me to fill in a form applying for ESA.

i was on ESA but got taken off it a few years ago because my occupational pension was above the means test limit.

is it a trick way in for ATOS?

carole x

Stay strong all, my heart goes out to you.


It probably is a way of tricking you!! The questions are badly worded and have no context in relation to a fluctuating condition such as MS. I think they are aiming to trip people up for them then to claim you are capable of limited work.

Hubby is now home and is helping go over the form. Wish us luck!!

Pat google , a guide to esa50 .theres plenty of tips on there as to what there looking for .

Good luck Barbara.xx

Thank you!! I think I will be Ok I sent the form back today but according to the guide I should be fine