I cant hold my baby girl....down day

Good evening all, Feeling a bit beaten tonight. Been having a bad week partner has gone off to darts tonight and I have a little girl (15 months) and always loves a night time mummy cuddle. Its breaking my heart that through my pain and weakness I cant cuddle her to sleep. She is still awake and keeps wanting a cuddle and I cant help her. Times like this I feel a so beaten by everything. Sorry for such a down post just need to let off. Hope you’re all well as can be x

I know how u feel i have a 15 week old and can only carry her short distances around the house cant stop relapsing from late pregnancy had a really bad one where my legs stopped working and was admitted to hospital and they put me on iv steroids for 7 days to bring legs back and had physio teach me to walk my legs still arent righf i can sympathise xx

Stay strong!!! It’s always hard when u feeling sad!! Don’t let it beat you :slight_smile:

Oh no…sorry to hear of your troubles, its horrible and unfair. How are you coping? My legs have been bad to but not like yours. Aww 15 weeks hope she is good for you. Just need to get over this relapse our babies need us xx


i so feel for you. my first grandchild was born last year when i had another relapse-i couldnt hold her but my daughter laid her in the bed beside me so i could sniff her-she was 4 days old at the time. shes now 10 months old and i can hold her for short periods now as long as someone else is nearby to help with moving her/keeping her safe.

i really hope ur relapse passes soon.

take care, ellie

Hi sorry to hear your having a tough time. My little girls 14 months and I’ve just had her back staying with me for 3 weeks. She lived with my parents and I left my husband when she was 6 weeks old when I didn’t have ms. And then had relapse after relapse. It’s tough through the pain I can totally sympathise. We just have to hope and pray it gets easier. I’m sure your giving her all the love she needs. X

I fell asleep on the sofa with her without taking my meds and when I woke rigour mortous had set in. We just have to do our best for them. X