HYPERdense Lesions

Has anyone’s MRI shown HYPERdense lesions rather than hypodense lesions ?

Hello Elizabeth

I can’t really help out with the answers you are looking for. But I just checked your previous posts and realised that a month ago you posted a question about hyperintense lesions and their meaning.

I suppose this means you’ve spent the last month (at least) worrying yourself stupid about your brain lesions and what they signify.

I think the answer last time was that if there was anything really scary to worry about, the hospital would have called you in for an urgent appointment.

I suspect that many MS lesions are in fact hyperintense. But so can lesions caused by other disorders.

This doesn’t help I know, I just didn’t want your post to go unanswered. If anyone out there has any actual knowledge that could help, I would hope they will post something here.

Meanwhile Elizabeth, when is your next appointment with a neurologist? If it’s a long way off, can it be speeded up at all? Otherwise, could you ask your GP, unless you’ve already done that and that’s why you’ve resorted to us!

I do hope you get an answer, it’s one of those useless bits of information, a neurologist or radiologist says something and it lodges in our brains until it’s properly explained.


Are you 100% sure you’re looking for information about hyperdense lesions, rather than hyperintense?

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Hi I’m new here and went to see my neurologist today and she told me I am now spms, just wondered if anyone else has been asked to take part in a trial regarding statins, she is sending out some information that I can read and then I make my mind up, thanks for any info.


Welcome to the forum.

You probably don’t don’t, but you’ve joined another thread that has nothing to do with your question.

The best thing you can do is to start again. If you start again by hitting the ‘New Thread’ button, give it a relevant title, then post your question / thoughts / comments, you should get relevant replies.

(I think there are people on a statins trial, I’m not one of them.)

Good luck.