Hyperbaric Oxygen treatment

Amylou what’s the logic behind doing 15 sessions in a row ?

@ Whammel I have mainly suffered with spasticity. I am now with a marvellous neuro physio which she says will reduce the spasticity, but I have started having spasms within the last week or so which I’ve done nothing about in terms of medication.

I will try the magnesium thanks…as I said previously I will try almost anything.

Thanks guys x

Hi Gill, No you can self refer. Contact your nearest HBOT Centre and they will help you.

I hope if you do decide to go it helps you as it has certainly helped me.

BW Mary

I think physio helps with many of our symptoms and hope it does the trick for you.

Magnesium is a beneficial mineral, but be aware it can act as a laxative in high doses.