What is the ms hug like. After eating l had what l thought was trapped wind in my chest kind of like l needed to burp in fact l did keep burping the pain went to my back but only lasted seconds l felt l needed to loosen my bra. Does it sound like ms hug or eating too quickly its second time its happened both times just after ive eaten

I’ve certainly found that the hug is made worse by wearing a bra but when I get the hug it lasts ages.

Has it happened that both times were the same? It certainly could be trapped wind, it’s very painful!

Possibly worth mentioning to your GP,

Wishing you all the very best,

Nina x

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Thanks for your imput Nina it was the same both times felt like indegestion then felt it in my back both times just after l had eaten and both times wss literally seconds. I will see if it happens again.

Hi Kingsnorth,

I’ve heard about the MS hug but I don’t think I’ve experienced it!!!

I have however unfortunately suffered with trapped wind (I have IBS) and it can be extremely painful and as Nina suggested it’s probably worth mentioning it to your GP.

In the meantime try and take your time when eating as this can help, also if it does happen again make a note of what it is that you were eating as sometimes that can be to blame.

Take Care.

Twinkle Toes x

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