I thought it was still in the “not proven” category.
No-one can yet say if CCSVI causes MS, or is caused by MS.
Balloon angioplasty seems to work for some people, some need it repeated but get a benefit when it is, some do not improve.

Yes, there is some doubt about Zamboni’s original observations, and there has been much discussion on the best way to assess if a patient has CCSVI.
There have been studies that have “proved” that he was wrong.
There have been studies that have “proved” that he was right.

What I have not yet seen is a properly conducted study that suggests either.


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Thanks Dr Green. I knew it was controversial (and I had seen a few “it’s all snakeoil” articles) but I haven’t been following the topic in depth

Barts MS Blog have posted today:

ClinicSpeak: reflections on HSCT after the fallout of the BBC Panorama programme


A good, clear, no-nonsense statement of what’s what on this topic. Thank you for the link - I would have missed it otherwise.


A second post today from Barts MS Blog on the subject:

ClinicSpeak: London MS-AHSCT collaborative group eligibility criteria

Are you eligible for referral for HSCT in London?


I’d have missed it too, so I second the thanks. My brain can’t deal with the Barts blog, sadly, it’s too wordy for my comprehension levels now, so I miss out on a lot of good stuff.

I love this person’s comment!

Monday, February 08, 2016 11:21:00 am
Thank you for this post.

I switched off in the middle of the BBC programme. It was like televised bits of an article from a magazine someone found in a hairdresser.

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