HSCT treatment in Sweden

A close relative is looking into treating her RRMS with HSCT. As Europe is the most viable option I’m interested to hear about any experience from Karolinska University hospital in Sweden.

I’ve managed to find a blog from a Norwegian woman describing her experience and her life after the treatment. By contacting the hospital I’ve got the info that they have expanded the capacity and how the process looks like. I’m however looking into additional sources of information. Do you guys have any input? Thanks



The facebook pages are probably a good place to start and sure you will get help with any questions. This link concerns access in the UK and the files section has plenty of information.

Hi Peter

I don’t know anyone who has received that treatment from Karolinska but I have a few ideas that may help you find the information you are looking for.

Maybe you could contact the neurology department and speak to an MS nurse (MS Sjuksköterska) they might be able to advise you.

There is an MS Facebook group and I’m sure someone in that group could help you (Multipel Skleros Sweden)

There is an association in Sweden called the Neuroförbundet, http://neuroforbundet.se/ They have information regarding many areas of neurology and they might be able to help.

I wish you all the luck in your search.