how to use this forum?

Hi everyone,

I’m just wondering how to use this forum properly… What i mean is when i have posted something and i’m not on for a few days, and my memeory is shocking i can’t actually remember when i posted it, finding said post is impossible! needle in the haystack its just gone!! and i’d like to see if anyone has posted a reply to my question!!! for all of you experts on here i need your help…

Many thanks


I know it’s frustrating isn’t it. Try marking your own post as one of your favourites then it will be listed on the right hand side of the screen, other than that it’s a scroll through the pages. Hope that helps a little! Chis x

If you click on the green “get email alerts” in the bottom right corner of the first post, you will get an email when there are any replies.

Karen x

Well hang- me- harry!!!

I’ve never noticed that green e mail thing next to the favourites one Karen!cheers! xxjenxx

I’m new here thanks for that post Jen and everyone who responded I had not noticed favourites either! cheers ;)))


So glad you asked the question; I too have been struggling to keep up and worried people may think I am rude if I didn’t comment back.

Thanks all for the tips.