How to manage MS Hug pain

I have the lovely hug for the first time. Any advice on managing the pain peeps ? I’m already loaded with gabapentin, ibuptofen and cocodamol. Not even touching it !

Thanks, Janet x

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Hi Janet, this will sound silly! I have only had the hug twice and each time I had a backache too. I borrowed my wife’s tens machine to help with the back, it didn’t help the back but it alleviated the hug. Bizarre but true x

I will give anything a go, it’s so painful !! Thinking of trying the actipatch.

Nothing you are taking appears to be a muscle relaxant.

As the pain is caused by contraction of the very tiny muscles (intercostal muscles) between the ribs, I’d suggest a muscle relaxant like baclofen or diazepam might be more effective than just painkillers, as it treats the problem (muscle spasm) not just the pain.


I’ll call my GP in the morning and ask for some, thank you x

Its a spasm, i use a heat pad on my back, and it really helps it when i get a hug or spasm. I dont do meds, they make me feel sick, so i use my heat pad lol. It does work, and I find just moving about helps to shift the spasm a bit.

forgot i have diazepam at night 2mg, and I am sure that helps too.

Thank you all. My MS nurse is on holiday now, but waiting on my GP calling back.

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Stewart (admin)

No worries, the lovely folks on here found me anyway :slight_smile:

So after 2 phone calls and 2 visits to my gp, it seems very likely that I am not experiencing the hug. It is highly likely my gall bladder is the cause of my pain. Ultrasound in the new year now. Whoopee. 2015 has been a flippin’ horrible year !

I’m sorry to hear this, Janet, although I remain slightly sceptical.

I appreciate we should not assume everything is always MS, and your GP is probably just being thorough - which is no bad thing. But I’m surprised she didn’t let you try a muscle relaxant anyway - especially as it couldn’t be investigated further 'til the new year.

If the muscle relaxants had worked in the meantime, hooray - probably muscle spasm all along, and possibly no need for the ultrasound. Wonder why she (or he) wouldn’t try this? Doesn’t seem anything to lose if you’re stuck 'til New Year anyway.



It is frustrating Tina, I have some tramadol which takes the edge off the pain at its worst. Ultrasound booked for 15th january.

I’m just trying to stay positive and deal with the pain and big fatigue.

January will be a big month with the ultrasound, results of mri from last week and starting on Tec. All a bit overwhelming tbh.

Thanks for your support, so kind as ever.

Janet xx

morning Janet, i have had gallstones, and removed gall bladder. Which side is the pain, and is there anything else going on.

I know my friend who has MS thought she had the hug, and when we discussed the symptoms i said gall stones lol, and it was, but there are other symptoms. xx


I have a horribly acute stabbing pain just under my ribcage on the right side and the GP said that where I am tender and sore in my abdomen is exactly where gallbladder located.

15th January for my ultrasound seems a long time away.

Thanks Janet xx

Forgot to say, dull ache/tightness all round the back of my ribcage too.