How Silly do i feel !!!!!!

Hi everyone,

Not been on in a while but decided to pop on have a look and say Hi.

Well although not fully diagnosed and still in Limbo had to go to see my GP i ahve started to get occasional cramp like feelings cant decide wether i want to hold part of my leg or arms… Anyway told her what was happening and she decided to change me from amatryptaline onto gabapentine… After taking what i thought was right dose i started to feel dizzy and just not myself… Called my GP who asked what i had taken and told her like you said …

i took 1 three times a days first day 2 three times aday and so on … and now was on 6 !!! okay so i got it wrong

1 first day 2 second day 3 third day and then two three times a day and so on upto a mas 4 three times aday … not upto 6 three times a day…

Will listen more clearly in future…

Anyway still got all sensory problems constantly suppose that will never go andnow getting cramps OMG what have i got coming next…think people dont believe so i hold where its sore till pain goes only lasts seconds however becoming more frequent and stronger as time goes on …Also my feet feel like ice blocks and trying to get a heat in them is a nightmare

Okay hope all is well and i wont stay away so long next time

Mandy xx

Hi Mandy :slight_smile:

Crikey! No wonder you got dizzy! Slowly slowly is always best with meds :slight_smile:

It took me a month to get onto just 100mg of pregabalin a day (that’s about 600mg of gabapentin) - the side effects were just horrible if I went any faster. In fact, I nearly gave up, but my nurse persuaded me to persevere. SO glad she did, it’s wonderful stuff for me now :slight_smile:

I hope you notice a difference soon.

Karen x

thx karen. My Gp who is great and understands what i am going through as her father had MS … well she has said that if gabapentin does not work she will try something else and i think it sounded like what you have advised …

Anyway thank you for your support it is appreciated by myself and many on here you are great to everyone…

Anyway will let you know how i go just want some off the cramps to calm but they never give up i am presumming this is a normal effect …

Mandy x

Gabapentin is sometimes prescribed for cramps/spasms so that might have been behind your GP’s thinking. If it doesn’t help, then baclofen may be a better option - it’s the one most often prescribed to relax muscles.


Thx Karen , Is cramps normal just constant and driving me in sane i try to take my mind off them x