How Nice of NICE

To authorise elective caesarians on the NHS when they will probably veto the precribing of Fingolimod when they make their final decision in December as to whether or not it can be prescribed on the NHS. Obviously I have no problem with women who need a cs birth having one or the extra expense it entails as long as their or their baby’s health demands it, but to allow women to choose to have one is just a waste of NHS funding in my opinion.

Email and complain and the final decision is in Jan 2012 now or at least I think what they mean by Expected date of issue:

I’m going to hon, not that it will make any difference. NICE have been deferring the final decision date all year, we won’t get it I’m sure!

Just wondered if anyone out there is on fingolimod and what there experiences have been with the drug?many thanks tara