How is it decided who has a FES?

My walking is now much worse and also the GP thinks I may be having a flare atm. I’m speaking to the MS nurse in the morning and am going to ask about Baclofen as i have very stiff legs and am having spasms and the Neuro physio I e just started seeing asked me if I took it. I also wondered though about a FES. How is it decided who would be suitable for using one and who makes that decision. I was only diagnosed in June 2018 so still learning about everything!!

thank you for your help xx

Your GP can refer you for assessment, so that’s probably a good place to start. How do I receive treatment? | Odstock Medical Ltd (OML)


Hi, different health authorities have differing rules about who can get FES for free, or who has to pay for it. I know a few people who it has helped. Wish I`d been offered it 20 years ago!

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As Boudica405 says different rules and paying depending which health authority you come under.

My local health authority would charge me for the FES but my Neuro works mainly in a different authority, comes local to me a few times a month, and referred me to their local centre and the only thing I have to pay for is the battery to run the device.

With regard to how it was decided my Neuro ask if I thought it would help, I said yes, got referred to an assessment. Had the assessment and was offered the FES.

So how is the FES doing?

It is a bit of a post code lottery and you may need to explain a business case whereby to costs involved in FES will be saved in reduced costs to the NHS by less A&E and Ambulance time due to less falls. Less psych support needed because you will have more confidence to keep walking and retain some independence. All the best Mick. My FES is far from perfect but it halves the effort of walking therefore doubles my range.

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My county assess and provides FES for free. Sadly, didn’t work for me.

Good luck.

I still find it a strange feeling when I am using it as you get an electric shock through your calf and foot, not painful but noticeable, and I do seem to walk better when it is turned on.

Friends also know when I am using it as my walking is better.

I still watch the floor when I walk in case of trip hazards but I have reduced the number of times I have caught my foot and made friends with the floor.

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