How do you manage the anxiety?

Hi all,

My partner has been diagnosed with PPMS this year. He is doing well and his MS has been described as stable by his neuro. I can feel very anxious about the future and if I will be able to cope with it. I am not an anxious person normally. Does anyone have any gems for how to deal with the complete uncertainty which is MS?

I have just got the Kindle book “The Reality Slap”- just in case others are interested. Thanks in advance.

Understanding the illness, how it progresses, how it affects people and how they cope with their symptoms takes time. This is a chronic illness that you never recover from and it can take years before people accept it. I would class myself as mentally strong prior to my diagnosis but I now take anti depressants and they help me cope. That doesn’t mean I don’t feel emotion because I do, I’m just ‘in a better place’ if that makes sense.

Hope that helps.


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My best two tablets eeach day are my antidepressants, just get on with it dont worry a symptom tthat may never occur like bad typing skills. XXX Don

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Hello Anon. (Hello Don as well, hope you’re ok.)

Anxiety can be reduced by good planning. It might take practice but if you’re not sure of something, just ask on here. Here is a wealth of help, advice and experience. I’m quite far down the line but can still travel in my wheelchair and make good toilet provisions and check facilities and access are appropriate.I’ve been as far as Cyprus in my chair and plan more travel in the new year.

Best wishes, Steve.

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I’m with Don antidepressants!

Finally a drug/drugs that work. M

I don’t look to far into the future and just take it day by day.

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