How do you explain to your child?

Hi all, I have fairly recently been diagnosed with RRMS, my 14 year old daughter knows and understands and has taken it in her stride, however I have a son who is 11 who panics if I so much as get a paper cut and I just don’t know how to explain without frightening him, I want him to understand it but realise I’m ok. Anybody got advice? How were you told/how did you tell? Cheers - Pen x

Hiya…I didnt really do a sit down and tell as my dx sort of evolved over a few weeks. This was a bad move even though my kids are older 17+19.

My daughter ended up asking my hubby when I wasnt around what was going on,so she must of been worried. Mind you my mom had ppms and was in a very bad state before she died,so I guess she was using that image as a yard stick.

I’m sure the ms society do booklets designed for helping you tell younger children. If you go to publications you can either order hard copies or download a mass of different relevant to you information.

Have you got a ms nurse who may also have suitable literature?

If you are about to start dmd I involved my daughter in the learning how to do the injections so she could help with the difficult to reach places,so that has made it far less scary.

Hope you find a good way through it all


Try this guide. It might help. I was looking for womething but my girls are too young yet to understand although my 3 year old know something isn’t right.

Hope its of some help. just cut and paste the link.

Take care.

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My son is 9 and is obsessed with numbers and self serve checkouts! He hates it when I buy anything with a reduced sticker because it never goes through the self serve smoothly. I told him and his younger sister that my brain had a huge reduced sticker on it and messages weren’t going through my body smoothly just like at the checkout. Unfortunately his favourite self serve is in m and s and I used shopping there as my example. Now when anything goes wrong he just says, that’ll be your m and s mum! I think he thinks we have shares in the shop! The ms society have a book called my mum makes the best cakes, it is aimed a children under 10, but it does answer every question that runs through kids minds. I think they also have one for teenagers but I don’t know what that’s called. Best of luck, it is difficult because there arent always answers and that can be hard, Chis

We were given booklets and a fab DVD when we visited the MS conference a couple of years ago. The DVD uses puppets to teach kids whats going on, and one of the booklets was aimed more at older kids. Im sure youd be able to get them to help you out too.

I have a 4 yr old and a seven yr old. My seven year old has watched the DVD several times and asks questions when she needs to. Its helped a lot.