How do I arrange a private Neuro app?


I am unhappy with my neuro. I believe I have good reason to a second opinion (I am not just being dramatic and fussy, someone came with me this time and was shocked at their attitude.) a friend with MS also persuaded me to seek another opinion, after having issues with same neuro. I’ve seen other specialists in the past for other issues and have all been amazing.

I have no idea how to get a second opinion on NHS, but either way I think I’d like to see someone privately and I am happy to pay…I do not doubt the quality of NHS and I know some do both, and I understand exactly why the wait times are that long etc,

My first question is, I had my second MRI scan which actually included my spine this time in feb, I won’t know results until september. If I was able to get a private consultation, would they be able to look at the scan? is there a way I can get it sent to him/her or take it with me?

Also, do I need a referral to be seen privately? I just don’t know where to begin, do I need to sign up for insurance? I literally just want to pay for a one off Neuro Appointment, is this even possible?

Hi there

I believe you can ask your GP for a referral for a second opinion but you start from scratch again…

you can also request a copy of your scan and report to take with you to the private appointment. I believe the costs ranges from around £150 to £300 and it would mostly probably be a half an hour appointment so I honestly don’t know if they’d have time to look and interpret your scan.

Mores to the point why are you having to wait until September for the results!!! That’s shocking! Contact PALs and ask them to help you in gaining an earlier appointment for results.

I am in a similar situation in that I’ve been told by my neuro that although my brain has lesions they are non- specific and it’s migraines however I remain with some symptoms on going and I’ve had no explanation as to what exactly happened to me.

I wish you all the best and keep us updated.

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You can use this website to find on near you, make sure there MS Specific.

On saying that nearly all Neurologists at any hospital take private patients; about £300. All other treatment; tests; drugs etc. have on the NHS. This is legal in a ruling by the Law Lords about 8 years ago.

As the other anon says; get/buy a copy of your MRI; can cost about £10.

Don’t jump out the fire; ask on here if anyone can recommend one in your area.

Going private you do not need a referral.

Please also remember that not every private consultant is brilliant. I have had one private consultation which was just as bad as my first NHS consultation. I then found another consultant neurologist after a recommendation from a friend. It was / is amazing to speak with someone who listens, I trust their judgement and they managed to transfer me to their NHS clinic , one of the best things I have done was to get another opinion. It did not change the facts but I am confident that I am getting proper considered support.

Good luck


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