Hot face and itching skin

Hi all, I’m new here and fairly recently diagnosed with RRMS.
I have constant tingling/sensory sensations in my left hand which along with Optic Neuritis led to diagnosis.
I have other sensory/tingling sensations which come and go, Lhermittes as soon as I bend my head.

But most recently I have a very itchy face and it feels hot, eyebrows/eyelids, neck, cheeks all affected. I wake up and everything is puffy and itching :confused:

Currently trying antihistamines and Aveeno cream, with little effect.

I am on Pregablin for my hand (just increased dosage from 50mg to 150mg a day) and about to start Tecfidera.

Any suggestions gratefully received

That doesn’t sound like MS itching to me unless you’re scratching in your sleep or something.Certainly MS can create weird and infuriating itching but it doesn’t usually show.

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Meant to say – the best symptomatic treatment of MS itching that I have found is cold water. Running the affected part under a cold tap or standing under a cold shower can for me often confuse the muddled pain messages enough to resolve itching. Most MS symptoms are made worse by overheating and improved by reducing temperature – it’s something to do with the way overheating scrambles and disrupts nerve conduction.

sounds to me you have an allergy to something. as you are about to tacke Tecfidera i would talk to your MS team first.

I get the itchy face, and scalp but no puffy.